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Clear That Which Blinds and Binds

I was recently driving a Ford Focus, I found myself doing just that, focusing on the snow that I had left on the hood of the car. I was driving on the freeway, and the snow was constantly being blown back onto the windshield creating the need for the windshield wipers every minute or two. I found myself slightly annoyed, and my annoyance was due to the fact that my situation was completely preventable. I could have cleaned off the hood of the car before I started my journey.

Just as the snow kept blowing back onto the windshield preventing me from clearly seeing my path, so can fear, judgement, jealousy, pride, anger, and doubt. If we take a moment to clear our focus of such debilitating thoughts, we are more empowered to serve, love, and experience joy. Instead of being focused on the cold, wet, dirty snow on the windshield, I could have been partaking of the puffy white clouds dancing across the baby blue skies.

Choose to clear your path of that which blinds and binds you. We have the power to choose. Choose to clearly see all of the beauty around you. Choose freedom.


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