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Stand in Defiance

There is a story of a frog who came face to face with a hungry snake. As the frog sat there pondering his possibilities, he came to the realization there was no escape. He could not jump left, he could not jump right. He was trapped. Fear, anger, and the weight of the situation started to sink into his soul when an idea came to his mind. Hope and excitement chased the fear away. The frog placed a stick in his mouth and smiled.

The snake looked at the frog with utter confusion. The snake could not understand what the frog was doing. Suddenly the snake felt afraid, wondering if this might be some sort of trap. Not wanting to be ensnared, the snake turned and left the frog alone with his stick.

We are confronted with so many versions of the snake. On a daily basis we can be confronted with fear, jealousy, anger, pessimism and many other challenges. How will we react to those challenges? Will we hide? Will we accuse? Will we lash out? Will we condemn all of the happy things of the world? Putting a stick in his mouth is representative of choosing something different, a determination to stand against those things that would destroy us. We are stronger than we can possibly comprehend. We have the ability to choose.

Choose today to make a change in defiance of those things and feelings which blind and bind you.

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