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Meet Jennica

Meet Jennica Mentor & Coach Jennica’s life experience gives her profound insight into many of the challenges you might have faced. With Jennica as your coach you can reach greater heights, as you overcome guilt, shame, and the darkness of the past. Jennica knows first hand about being a victim, and being stuck in the victim mentality. She has seen both sides, and knows exactly what it takes to get back to the side of hope, courage, and light. Jennica has faced death in a variety of ways. With her knowledge and understanding, she will assist you to realize your own power and potential, as you reclaim your passion and purpose.

•Speaker and Trainer •Live On Purpose Certified Coach •Severe Special Educator •World traveler and avid shark diver •Recovered Addict •Trauma Survivor •Black belt in Shotokan Karate •Proficient in American Sign Language

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