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Meet Our Team

Meet Devan

Mentor & Coach

With Devan as your personal coach, you are empowered to get out of your own way and fully realize your potential for love, service, and forgiveness. Devan's unique experience helps you gain a new perspective and move beyond fear, anger, and judgement. You will be inspired to take daily action steps built on powerful principles that immediately improve your life. Through some enormously difficult experiences of his own, Devan helps you to see your challenges as being part of a bigger, more important purpose. Through Devan's coaching, you see yourself more truthfully, which connects you with powerful principles of success and fortifies you against the challenges that are sure to come.

  • Author of "Shedding Dragon Scales"

  • Founder of Sego Lily Mentoring, LLC

  • Speaker and Trainer

  • 3Key Elements Trained Coach and Mentor

  • Live On Purpose Trained and Licensed Coach

  • N.O.V.A. Principles Instructor

  • Featured On Live On Purpose Radio

  • Worked with at-risk youth

  • September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center First Responder

  • Volunteered with multiple agencies for a combined total of 15+ years

  • Performs in one of the largest choral organizations in the world


Meet Jennica

Mentor & Coach

Jennica’s life experience gives her profound insight into many of the challenges you might have faced. With Jennica as your coach you can reach greater heights, as you overcome guilt, shame, and the darkness of the past. Jennica knows first hand about being a victim, and being stuck in the victim mentality. She has seen both sides, and knows exactly what it takes to get back to the side of hope, courage, and light. Jennica has faced death in a variety of ways. With her knowledge and understanding, she will assist you to realize your own power and potential, as you reclaim your passion and purpose.

  • Author

  • Speaker and Trainer

  • Live On Purpose Certified Coach

  • N.O.V.A. Principles Instructor

  • Severe Special Educator

  • World traveler and avid shark diver

  • Recovered addict

  • Trauma & Rape Survivor

  • Black belt in Shotokan Karate

  • Numerous firsthand experiences with death

  • Experienced complete paralyzation and multi-year recovery

  • Wife & Mother

Jennica Bosch.jpg

Meet Sid

Mentor & Coach

With Sid Unrau you will benefit from his rich life as an accomplished attorney, mediator, former teenager and singer in a large choir. His experience of marriage and fatherhood has sharpened his ability to find the good, beauty and strength in you. His life’s mission is to inspire people like you to embrace and manifest your magnificence, and assist you to make your dreams and the desires of your heart happen at an accelerated rate. Sid counsels people one-on-one as well as couples, small groups and large groups. With Sid, you will become empowered to blow away the clouds that get in the way of clarity, and you will receive tools for stepping into success and satisfaction. Sid’s greatest happiness is watching you succeed, and playing even a small part in the process. Sid has several coaching and speaking packages available, ranging from one to unlimited sessions. There is a special discount if you put the word “Champion!” in the subject line of your email.


  • Author of Inspired! The True Story of YOUR Heroic Self

  • Co-founder of Sego Lily Mentoring, LLC

  • Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Transformation Facilitator

  • Multi-lingual

  • Successful at Mediating Peaceful Resolutions to Vitriolic Situations (e.g., divorce/custody issues, etc.)

  • Licensed Coach with Live On Purpose

  • Featured on Live on Purpose Radio

Devan with Dr. Paul Jenkins
Live On Purpose Certified Coach
Devan with world famous Dan Clark
Devan & Jennica
Sid with Dr. Paul Jenkins
Devan being interviewed for a podcast
Devan and Sid singing in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City
Sid jumping in Southern Utah
Sid with wild tarantula
NSA Speakers Showcase 10_18_2018 - A.jpg
Devan & Jennica
Sid with Dr. Paul Jenkins filming a YouTube video How To Get Custody of a Child
Devan with world famous speaker and mentor, Kirk Duncan
Sid with Dr. Paul Jenkins YouTube video: How Can A Mother Lose Custody of Her Child?
Sat on the Rocks


"I have learned a great is a wonderful blessing in my life. I have appreciated your lessons and the messages. Thank you for being such a great example to me."

Gregory B.

“I’m grateful for your example. You have positively influenced my life more than I can say.”

Michael P.

"You have helped him through a tremendously important time and made a huge difference. It's all about love and you have consistently shown that you love him.”


"It helps to be reminded of who I really am instead of resorting to viewing myself through the distorted eyes of others. I also appreciated your message of hope. I have been searching desperately for ways in which I could be­­ and really feel­­ healed.”

Diane M.

“Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, and the things you have learned, with me. Now I can share that knowledge with others. Thanks for everything you have done for me in my life.”


“I just wanted to thank you. I've always been amazed at how much you care about other people. You are someone where it is obvious that you truly love those you interact with. Your advice and counsel is always welcome.”

James M.

There are many, many positive things that have happened since I you started teaching me...You have inspired me to stay positive in my dark times because you believe in me, because you have believed in yourself. I have those tools that you have both taught me and even more than that I have your voice and Dr. Paul's voice there helping me get through this. I am very grateful to have both of you in my life now.


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