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Construction Material

"When we have challenges dumped on us, remember, it may just be construction material to build something better. One essential part in the process is to be grateful for the gift." -DKBosch #LoveMore #ServeMore #ForgiveMore #BuildBeautyOutOfAshes#BetterEveryday #ThePowerOfChoice #ThePowerOfGratitude

Bitter or Better

Each day I either get bitter or I become better. The only difference between these words is the letter “I” and the letter “E”. When I put my focus on “I” (me, myself), I get bitter. This is where I can get stuck in "I don't know if I am adequate", "I don't know if I can do this". The letter “E” stands for EVERYONE ELSE. When I put my focus on everyone else, when I recognize I have light to share, and I share it, I become BETTER -- and so do they! #LoveServeForgive #LetYourLightShine #ChooseBetter #ExerciseHappiness #CreateJoy #PointYourFocusOutward #YouAndIHaveSomethingToShare

Beauty for Ashes

"When we experience discontent, we can be tempted to think that there is something wrong with us. Discontent, and pain are inevitable. All it means is that we have something to do. They give us an opportunity to create something new, something different. We can choose to swim around in the filth, or we can put on some boots, grab a mop and get to work and create beauty for ashes." -DKBosch #ThePowerOfPositivity #ThePowerOfChoice #ThePowerOfBeingAChildOfGod

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