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You Are Here To Succeed

"Benjamin Disraeli, a former prime minister of England, stated, 'There is no education like adversity.' And it was Sir Winston Churchill, another great British prime minister, who led that nation through the unrelenting struggles of World War II, who stated, 'We receive our inspiration from the mountaintops but receive our maturity from the valleys of life.'

Many of us here today are either going through one of the valleys of life or will someday experience one of these challenges or moments of adversity. Remember that adversity determines our character. ...It is always interesting to observe how people react during times of crisis. Indeed, our very own character is formed by the lessons of trial and challenge. Character, in turn, emerges within each of us in our hearts and minds to establish our own personal set of standards—or, as the outside world would refer to it, our personal integrity. Integrity is critical to our lives—and to our dreams of achievement. We must remember that without integrity nothing else matters and that with integrity nothing else matters. Thus personal integrity, shaped and fashioned and molded to a great extent by adversity and personal trials, determines the person or individual we represent to others.

Again, we must each remember that God did not put us on this earth to fail. We are His children. We are here to succeed.”

Jon Huntsman Sr.

Nov 10th, 2009

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